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EasySolar range of  solar water heaters are included low pressure integrated solar geysers ( ITD models 100/150/200/250L) and high pressure, split, evacuated tube  solar water heating systems include 12/18/24/30/36 tubes  solar collectors to any geyser from 100 to 300L or larger if needed.

ITD models: Integrated, thermo-siphon, direct heating evacuated tube solar water heating systems are the cheapest and  simple  with the highest solar  absorption and heat transmitting efficiency. Those types of solar water heaters are most commonly used in developing countries due to low price and reliability.

Each ITD solar water heater consists of:

An array of vacuum tubes with three target absorption layers, integrated into the water tank for direct heat exchange, Low pressure stainless steel solar water tank with 60mm thick  high density polyurethane insulation layer to prevent heat loss, powder coated steel or anodized aluminium frame and stand for rust protection even on coastal installation, assistant ( water feeder) tank.
For our African climate, with some of the best sunshine in the World; the use of Integrated Solar Water Heating Systems is the best and cheapest option. Such systems don’t have any moving parts, and when correctly installed on the roof, do not require any maintenance or service during their life time. The Payback Period for such an installation, is approximately 18-20 month.

Each SPLIT   System  consist:

array of  vacuum tubes with three target absorption layers, integrated into manifold (heat exchanger) and fastened to the anodized aluminium  holding frame for rust and corrosion protection even on coastal installation.

-12V solar powered circulation pump, (for active pumped installations),

–15W solar PV panels for to run solar circulation pump,

-100/150/200/250L locally manufactured geyser ( if needed)

Payback period is 24-28 month from date of installation and based on current electricity price.