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All in one  Solar Power Box.

GreenLand™ Solar Power Box is unique solar DC power solution for off-road travelers, bush lodges, camping site or rural house power supply that in need of temporary or permanent reliable power supply.

Every GreenLand Solar Box ™  will provide you with reliable DC (Direct Current) power output  in following voltage: 5V, 6V, 9V,12V, to suit every client needs to have lights, to play radio, to charge mobile phone, notebook and laptop. It even can can run 12/24VDc powered ceiling or table fan for those who looking to cool them down during hot Africa summer nights.

Download – “GreenLand” Solar Box presents

“GreenLand” Solar Power     Box is your  ONE STOP ENERGY BOX  and we have  developed it in 3 different sizes:

5A – max 65W/12V Solar PV module to connect,

10A – max 250W Solar PV module to connect,

20A – max 500W Solar PV module to connect,

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