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EasySolar retail shop has a wide range of Solar Power accessories and parts to meet customers demand.

The range of goods ( all in stock and available on request) includes:

Solar PV panels/modules  ( from 15 to 320W) incl. BIPV ( double glass frameless bilding integrated) PV modules  and Foldable ( camping type) PV modules,

Solar Charge controller ( PWM and MPPT models are available) from 5 to 60A

Off grid inverters,

Grid tie single and three phase inverters,

Hybrid and Hybrid Be-directional inverters,

PV accessories such PV panels mounting rail, tiled and metal roof rail feet, PV module rail clamps, PV connectors -MC4, PV branch connectors- MC4, PV inline fuses  with housing -MC4, DB box DC fuses 10/20/30A,  1/2/3/4 string  PV combiner boxes, DC PV circuit breakers, 250A DC Battery Air circuit breakers, PC surge arrestors, PV solar cables 2.5/4/6/10mm and so on.