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Easy Solar PTY (Ltd) is independent, South African based company with head office and a physical shop located in Richards Bay. We are oldest (Established in 2006) and largest Zululand based solar energy company. Our customer database include clients from all over South Africa and as far as from Botswana, DRC, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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We supply, install and service all variety of solar systems namely: Grid-Tie, Hybrid, Hybrid Bi-Directional, Off-Grid solar Power systems, Solar Geysers and Heat Pumps. We do sell solar PV panels, PV mounting structures, solar charge controllers, all types of solar inverters, lead acid and Li-Ion batteries. EasySolar is committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction on all our solar systems and services. With 12 years of solar experience we are able to offer great service for all our customers....

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Due to Eskom’s failure to provide sufficient power supply to the national grid and hence the extensive load shedding, there is most definitely an opportunity to provide good quality, well installed solar energy solutions to private, corporate and industrial energy users. ESKOM has also announced a 10% increase for the next 3 years with an additional increase of 4.41% already added to this financial years increase (14.41% increase this year 2019). This takes our power cost to over R2.00/kw in next 3 year. It’s time to consider solar energy. Note to prospective solar customers We see intensive growth of so-called solar specialists whom do not provide decent quality solar energy systems and services or warranties. Our message to you is to be aware of these fly-by-night “solar experts”. They may sell and install some kind of solar power system, but in many cases will not give you any real warranty, service or back up.

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EasySolar has over the period of 12 years been in operation in Richards Bay selling solar systems into industry and has seen a number of “solar specialists’ who have not been truly ethical in the field of solar energy installations, and have installed substandard systems for customers and are then never to be heard from again. Many close the business and reappear as new solar companies under different names. So what happened to the warranties, maintenance and back-up support? Well, in most cases EasySolar ends up helping them out. This is where Easy Solar steps in. Our advice to you is to please do your research properly when choosing a solar energy supplier. • Check that the company is legitimate, • Check if they offer warranties and get them in writing, • Get references from customers if they were happy with the service, • Check the owner’s social profile and so on. This will save you a fortune in the long run. Keep in mind that this is a long-term investment, so price should not be the only key factor. Easy Solar offers high quality solar energy equipment with excellent installation service and after service. We also offer 10 year warranties on most of our equipment and 5 year warranty on installation. Life expectancy is 20-25 years. We only deal with the best solar distributors in SA and the world. Our brands include:- ArtSolar, Canadian Solar & RenewSys for solar panels, Goodwe, Sermatec, Growatt, Voltronics for inverters, EP Solar, Outback & Microcare for charge controllers, Sirius, BYD, PylonTech, Omnipower & Vision for batteries, SunTask for solar geysers and China Suntree & Voyage International for solar accessories. We would be happy to chat to you about this investment. We look forward to doing business with you.

What Our Clients Say

>>>EasySolar is great solar company with many different equipment to chose from. I have been offered very personalize service for the solar system installation I have chosen for my house. I recommend EasySolar to anyone who wish to GO GREEN and purchase or install solar geyser or solar power system. You will not be disappointed ! They keep large stock of goods to chose from. >>> Thanks EasySolar for great job on installation of 30kWsolar power system at our factory in Malawi. Since it installed in May 2018, it generate in average 150kW/h electricity per day. Inverter and all set-up are installed very neat and we planning to upgrade the system to 120kW in 2019 by using your service. Thanks again!......