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With 11 years in solar business we have imported and  sold thousands of solar geysers, solar PV panels, Solar Power systems, Solar Charge controllers and LED lights.  Only in Richards Bay and Empangeni  we have installed a several hundreds of solar geysers and solar power systems. All images uploaded into Photo gallery  are our installations and belongs to EasySolar.

We have completed:

Empangeni Library 7.5kW Hybrid Be-directional solar power system which completely run Library on solar power from July 2015.

RBIDZ (Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone)  –  11kW Hybrid Be-directional solar power system which completely run Gate Entrance offices to RBIDZ on solar power from June 2016

Private residence in Birdswood, Richards Bay -7.5kW Hybrid solar power system. 1500A & 48V OpzV battery bank.  House is completely Off grid from March 2017.

Dickinson Marketing 11kW Grid-Tie solar power system which provide  70% of their power demand. Run from November  2017

RBCT (Richards Bay Coal Terminal) -12 x 500W LED high mast lights for the coal terminal. Provide 30% more light to compare with traditional 1000W HPS lights. Light s up and running from April 2017,

Malawi (Tobacco factory) 28.8kW Grid Tie solar power system. Phase one of the 300kW solar system  project contracted to EasySolar.

St. Lucia Eco-Lodge, St. Lucia, North Coast, KZN. 23kW Grid Tie solar power system. Provided 90% od daily power demand for electricity. Reduces 47% of total power consumption.

Umfolozi Game Reserve –  3kW & 1.5kW Hybrid/Off grid solar power system for ranger house.

Private residence in Meerensee, Richards Bay -10kW Hybrid Be-Directional  solar power system with 14kW Li-Ion battery pack. Grid limiter, Wi-Fi  and internet based monitoring & control,

Many smaller solar power systems, solar geysers. More images to come…

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